IT Support & Consulting

Helping to provide IT support to medium and large businesses in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

QBpro Managed Services

When you need managed IT services in Massachusetts and Rhode Island to maintain peak performance of your business network, consider QBpro. Our associate will manage all of your IT services for a flat-rate fee so you can focus on your, bread and butter, revenue generating tasks. We offer value-added peace of mind, so you can focus on building your staff and your customer base.

Our managed services offer immediate benefits:

  • Tailored Packages – We offer 100% custom packages for any business size or budget
  • Predictable costs 24/7 – Our flat-rate fee covers our agreed upon service items
  • Ramped up productivity – Round-the-clock monitoring of your computers and network help prevent most problems before major failure
  • We are always available – even during holidays

Data Backup and Recovery

Data protection, backup and recovery is singular in priorities. The loss of your company's data will cripple your business as well as expose you to extensive liabilities. We specialize in computer, data, and hard drive backup, as well as system recovery. 

We engineer a reliable system consisting of automatic scheduled backups, including off-site and cloud based secured storage locations. 

The modern business and legal environment demands reliable protection of your company's financial, tax, and employee data as well as your client information.

Loss of data due to system malfunctions, employee errors or natural disasters, or worse yet, if stolen, will cripple your business. 

Our proactive solutions can minimize down time and the significant related costs to data loss. 

Network Security

Companies as well as individuals are continually exposed to the risk of stolen data. As electronic financial transactions increase so do possible breaching points.

PwC UK recently announced "We are seeing a really large number of successful cyber-attacks, not just on the traditional high profile sectors such as defense, energy, pharmaceuticals, but also a variety of sectors and organizations are now being targeted and it seems as though it’s a question of when, rather than if, an organization will now face a cyber-attack."

Network security is on the forefront of any service provided to our clients and should be on the forefront of your business priorities. 

We evaluate our clients' threat profile and tailor a client specific data protection and network security plan that will minimize your current and future exposure.

Remote IT Services

Daily network issues are typically managed by your IT tech team. Major and or atypical issues, however, can create significant downtime. 

We can significantly minimize this downtime, and its associated costs, through our remote IT services. 

With just a phone call, we can remote access your network and machines, correct your issues without any travel. 

Cloud Computing

We offer reliable solutions to organize your business and protect your network and data without breaking your budget.

Our cloud computing services are fully scalable and available for a flat-rate fee, eliminating concerns related to the expense of unplanned system issues. 

With no additional IT staff needed and no initial capital investment required, your business can direct available cash towards business growth.